Corporate Wellness Offerings from Embody Balance

At Embody Balance we recognize the connection between good health and good work. Workplace stress, lack of mobility, long hours sitting at a desk and the lack of time promotes burn out and increases risk for injury or illness. Companies can reduce absenteeism, lesson workplace dissatisfaction, and drops in productivity by promoting a culture that values work-life balance and health.

We welcome partnerships with corporate clients. Custom partnerships can be
developed that make the most sense for the size of your company, location and specific needs you face. Take a peek at some of the partnerships that might work for your company:

Examples of Corporate Wellness Partnerships


On-site chair massage at your company.

We arrive at the designated time with massage chair(s) and your employees will get a relaxing treat right at work! It’s easy; employees stay clothed, can keep their shoes on, and return right to work. What a great way to contribute to their wellness and show you care! On-site chair massage is also a perfect way to say thanks to teams for making sales and other goals, or as part of a Health & Wellness day.

Chair massage services are available in a six-mile radius to the offices of Embody Yoga. A fee will be charged for services outside of the six-mile radius. Regularly scheduled in-office sessions can be also offered to your employees with massage chair or traditional massage table.

Integrated Corporate Wellness Programs.

Many companies seek integrated corporate wellness programs that not only include massage, but access to yoga and other fitness classes, stress reduction seminars, and learning about the practices of mindfulness and meditation. Embody Yoga can design a wellness program that is perfect for your company and the needs of your employees.

On-site Yoga Classes.

The practice of yoga is proven to increase focus, mental and physical health, as well as reduce stress. Yoga classes can be held in your offices or conference rooms and be specifically tailored to your team’s needs. You can also reserve our studio specifically for your employees.

Mindfulness Classes

Mindfulness is the art of living in the moment, of being aware of our thoughts, feelings and physical condition.
Focusing on the present moment and task at hand reduces stress and leads to increased productivity when practiced at work. Meditation improves overall well-being by increasing focus and clarity and developing inner peace. These sessions will offer tips and practices for the workplace.

Yoga and Chair Massage for Special Events

Yoga and Chair massage can be the perfect addition to your company or organization’s next special event!

  • Reward your sales team after a successful quarter
  • Design an employee wellness event or
  • Incorporate into trainings to increase focus
  • Begin your company’s golf tournament with a great stretch or offer a massage for tight shoulders and lower backs on the 18th hole

Contact us to explore the many ways to incorporate health and wellness into your organization’s next event!

Cost and Scheduling

Pricing for all Wellness programs can be paid for 100% by the employer, 100% by the employees or with some type of split ie. 50/50 or 60/40.

Health insurance companies are increasingly offering reimbursements or credits for yoga and massage. Flex cards, loaded with pre-tax dollars can often be used for therapeutic massage as well.

At Embody Balance we provide sign-up sheets, marketing materials and work closely with the organizer / HR to ensure a successful event! All of our therapists and instructors are certified, insured and arrive with all supplies.

Starting Your Corporate Wellness Program

To start your program today, or discuss classes and services, please call us for a free consultation at 978-801-1008 or email