“To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” – Buddha

Do we need to explain why massage therapy is an important addition to your self care?

Obligations, deadlines, appointments, meetings, work, housework, sports, everything. More often than not, it seems there aren’t enough hours in the day or days in the week for all that needs to be done. We’re on constant high alert. We’re always moving.

All this chaos can be hard on your mind and your body.

The effects of this day to day stress are cumulative for most of us. Stiff joints get stiffer. Cranky shoulders get crankier, then one rogue golf swing or one heavy laundry basket makes it worse.

Massage is the mini-vacation you probably need. In addition to helping control back pain, anxiety, stress induced insomnia, headaches, and fibromyalgia, massage therapy is a reboot. It is a chance to reset your thoughts, slow your pulse, regulate your breathing, and recharge your spirit.

Our therapists have a wide range of styles and skills in their toolboxes with decades of combined experience. We will listen to you and address your specific concerns with a unique blend of tools, deep and relaxing techniques.

Intuitive Holistic Massage

This blend of deep and lighter Swedish-style techniques will alleviate tightness and soothe your whole body. You’ll leave relaxed and refreshed.

$90 for 60 min & $130 for 90 min

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Neuromuscular Therapy

Release tension and reduce pain releasing specific trigger points caused by hyper-constricted muscles due to injury or chronic overuse of certain muscle groups.

$90 for 60 min & $130 for 90 min

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Hot Stone Massage

Basalt river stones are laid on the body while we use a comforting combination of stones in hand and Swedish massage to loosen your muscles, increase blood circulation, and elevate your mood.

$110 for 60 min & $150 for 90 min

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Couples Massage

You and a special someone in your life will each receive a personalized massage session next to each other in our treatment room or in your location (see mobile massage).

$180 for 60 min & $270 for 90 min

Signature Embody Balance Treatment

This 75 minute session may incorporates hot stones, a blend of deep and lighter work to address muscle tightness, essential oils and Vibrational healing with tuning forks as well as Yoga postures, breathing and mindfulness / meditation.

$140 for 75 min

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Mobile Massage

Massage services can be provided in the comfort of your home, hotel room or office. We arrive at the designated location with table, linens, oil and music to provide a relaxing experience where it’s most convenient for you.

Mobile Massage Rates: 60 minutes: $135, 90 minutes $185. These rates apply to services performed within a six-mile radius of the offices of Embody Balance. An additional fee may be charged for services beyond six miles.

Contact us at 978-801-1008 or email info@embody-balance.com to schedule a mobile massage.

Hemp oil infused Massage

When booking online select CBD add-on to the massage of your choice. Supporting rapid/lasting relief from joint/muscle pain, sports injuries, bruises & inflammation. Pain related to: Muscle/Nerve/Joint/Ligament Pain, Cramps, Sprains, Repetitive Stress, Arthritis, Bruises. Pain associated with: Fibromyalgia, Neuropathy, MS, Surgery, Medical Treatments, Sciatica. Extract is THC-free that is derived from the hemp plant. This massage combines Swedish, sports massage techniques and full spectrum CBD cream

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Massage / Polarity / RYSE packages available in series of 3, 5 and 10 to make your massage therapy and bodywork part of your scheduled self-care!

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