Due to very tight leg to lower back muscles and its negative impact on my golf swing I began a yoga practice. After a time of self-study and then attending classes, I was frustrated. I could not figure out how to appropriately modify but also challenge myself. I was very fortunate to find Nicole. She was willing to coach me on an individual basis for several sessions so that I could learn proper form, modify to my current ability, and develop an improvement plan over time – things I could not figure out on my own.

I especially appreciate Nicole’s warm, accepting and friendly manner, which helps me to relax and focus.

I am now attending a yoga class again and can confidently adapt and gain the full benefit of the class. In addition, I am already enjoying greater hip rotation and am ready for the new golf season!

I highly recommend Nicole as a yoga instructor and as a personal coach. -Jim McCartney CFA

Awesome time. Very welcoming place. Easy to find. I got the chance to experience her yoga class and her massage therapy. She was super helpful and made me not feel like a rookie. I recommend her to anyone! – Tim Penso

I could tell from Nicole’s shoulder adjustments during yoga class that Nicole would be incredible at massages, so I decided to give her a try. It was one of the best massages I have had. I like alot of pressure, and Nicole did exactly that. It’s hard to find someone who can apply the right pressure and get the exact areas that you need done. I can’t wait to go back again! – Lisa Luise

I have been getting massages every three weeks from Nicole for years. Her amazing strong hands and positive attitude and energy always leaves me renewed. – Naywon

I have experienced many massage therapists over the years from big cities to traveling abroad, NO ONE compares to Nicole. She is very talented and is guaranteed to take away any aches, knots, and pain. It was the best gift my husband gave me. Now, that I found a new job I’ll be sending Donnie soon and will coming back myself too!! – Lisa

Nichole is a wonderful massage therapist. The atmosphere is just what it should be. Clean, cozy, relaxing. Nichole uses many different techniques depending on what my needs are.I get a bit of a different massage every time I go. I would definitely recommend her. – Dave

I have had tightness & a weird ticklish sensation in my left buttock/hip/lower back for the last 7+ years after falling down stairs; leaving me bedridden for a few weeks. Back then physical therapy got me on my feet & moving again, but the sensations never went away. After my first massage session with Nicole today I feel SO much better! Words cannot express the difference I feel in my body! I only wish I had done it sooner!!! – Lindsey

Best neck massage in a very long time! I already booked my next appointment. Finally someone who knows and understands the body and how to work with it. Thanks! – Andrea

Nicole came to our house on one of the coldest nights of the year and made it one of the warmest experiences ever. She is by far the best massage therapist my girlfriend kato has ever had. Thank you Nicole. – Dan

Nicole works with me patiently and gently as I slowly learn the beauty of YOGA to relieve pain and stress brought on by my MS. She always goes to extraordinary legths to find answers to my questions or needs as they are revealed. An appointment at Embody Balance YOGA & MASSAGE is always they greatest part of my week. – Phyllis