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Workplace Wellness

We offer low-cost, effective solutions for companies that believe in offering real value to employee’s health and well-being. Reduce stress, increase productivity, job satisfaction and employee loyalty with on-site yoga, massage and mindfulness training.

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Looking for a simple easy way to be healthy and reduce stress? Therapeutic massage is an effective way to reduce soft tissue pain and correct muscle imbalances. Most importantly, muscular therapy relaxes and refreshes you on every level.

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Yoga Therapy

Whether you are seeking natural, holistic solutions to pain, depression and anxiety, recovering from injury, trauma, or in major life transition, Yoga Therapy offers a complete system to facilitate healing for mind, body and spirit.

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Wellness Retreats

2018-2019 Meditation and hiking weekend…Costa Rica hot springs and yoga…Tuscany sight seeing and yoga…Let your next vacation take you deeper inside, rejuvenate your spirit and be in community with likeminded people!

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